MailMark™ Benefits

MailMark™ Brings with it a large Volume of Benefits when compared to standard franking and stamps.

MailMark Benefits

Mailmark™ (formerly known as Enterprise Intelligent Barcode® or EIB®) combines a new barcode with state of the art optical technology and digital enhanced reporting. In the future a possible further development of Mailmark™ franking, you’ll know where your mail consignment is in the Royal Mail network, when it’s due to arrive and how good the mail has been processed through the Royal Mail.

Starting in 2014, Mailmark Benefits will offers:

Price Difference

A price difference to receive the maximum in postal discounts when using a franking machine to access Mailmark™.

New Business Reply

A new Business Reply offering that you can frank on your machine and send in the post with your letter contents for customers to return to you. This will enhance your responses and help further increase profits.

Postal Price Change

Royal Mail postal price change updates that will instantly apply on the day of the change which will avoid underpayment surcharges and the grief that goes with it.

Drop your 'Analogue line'

You can finally drop your ‘Analogue line or stop blocking your faxline as all Mailmark™ compatible franking machines will connect via LAN making life simpler and faster.

The Most Professional Image

With a Mailmark™ compatible Franking Machine you will also benefit from presenting the most professional image on your mail and you can still add your own company logo and external return address.

Enhanced Reporting

Enhanced reporting information via online mail reports providing you with real time usage information to keep a closer eye on your postage expenditure.

To make sure that every person is fully versed with Mailmark & Mailmark Benefits before its launch we also recommend checking out Royal Mail site here for more information as it also includes a wide range of mailmark benefits.

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