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The Royal Mail have announced that MailMark (formerly EIB) can be accessed via any MailMark™ Compatible Franking Machines from April 2014 onwards.

If your franking Machine is not operational or compatible with MailMark dont panic. Mailmark is only an additional way of printing a postage indicia and it will not be a replacement to the current franking machine ‘Value’ print.

Mailmark will be beneficial in a number of ways including being more cost effective than using postage stamps and maybe cheaper than a traditional franked impression.

If your franking machine is not compliant we recommend you do upgrade to ensure access to all the new benefits coming online in 2014.

To receive the most cost effective competitive Mailmark franking machine quotation simply fill in the form to the right, and we will get back to you with some ideal Mailmark solutions specifically designed for you.

To check on whether or not your franking machine will be MailMark ready simply click here and navigate to check for yourself.

For more information regarding MailMark browse below or click here for Royal mail.

The brand new 2D Barcode frank which is a alternative to the current which will allow access to the benefits.

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Not all Franking Machines are MailMark™ Ready!

Who is MailMark for?

It is for a range of clients from small companies, business customers, mailing houses, agencies and advertisers.

Benefits - More info

MailMark™ offers many benefits including Discounts, professional image, transparency timing and valuable reporting of course reports.

FAQ's - More info

If you are unsure check out our Mailmark FAQ page where you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.

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If you are wondering whether or not your machine is compatible or are just looking for a new one that is compatible.

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